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Monday, 8 September 2014

Angora and Lace

As the weeks that I have left on my shop's lease rapidly roll-by, I have been trying to make plans for the next chapter of my life. A day doesn't go by without one of my customers asking 'what's next? - so it can be a little embarrassing when I say 'I don't know'. Until we sell our house and know where we will end up, things are up in the air. The type of property we buy, may well have a baring on 'whats next' too.
Having sewn and made things all my life (always my favourite thing to do when I was a small child), I can't imagine a time when I won't be sewing...Be that making curtains and cushions for our new home, or making pieces to sell at fairs (and possibly on-line).

'Vintage' has become a difficult market to be involved in over the past few years...various reasons in my opinion, which I won't go into now...Its doubtful I shall continue selling vintage goods, but will continue to make my products from vintage/antique fabrics, trimmings and embellishments, as customers do seem willing to pay a realistic price for one-off handcrafted goods.

Apart from that, I am keeping my options open and am having fun experimenting with different ideas to extend my range from fairy dolls, bags and little frivolous treasures, to try and keep things interesting.
Last week I made some prototypes, reworking some pretty secondhand knitwear. Using antique lace and ribbons, I embellished the jumpers to create a one-off look. Type in 'wearable art' into Pinterest and you'll be confronted by some wonderful embellished works that are truly stunning. Beautiful as they are, my concern with them would be how would they fair being laundered?...Although my pieces would need to be hand-washed, I think they would come up well and could be worn and enjoyed for years to come. 
This cross-over style lambswool sweater by 'in wear' was cinched in at the waist by the addition of a fine antique lace channel, threaded with satin ribbon, which ties at the side in a floppy bow. I also stitched a length of hand crochet lace up the front curve and embellished further with vintage fabric rose motifs. The sleeves were very long, so I shortened them and gathered cotton lace at the cuffs.

For my second attempt, I worked with a boxy angora and lambswool short sleeved pale pink cardigan...

I added some sleeves from another angora and lambswool sweater and lengthened the cardigan hem with a wide antique lace. Again, I made a channel in the lace and threaded it with satin ribbon to tie in at the waist. This was hidden beneath a narrow ruffle, which matches the sleeves.

I'm not particularly fashion orientated, but I did enjoy putting together these makeovers and will be on the lookout for quality knitwear to work with again in the future. 
Would love to know what you think,
Niki x


  1. Your the second person I know who is giving up selling actual vintage things.
    I love your cardigans absolutely delicious angora cardigans especially the second one

    1. Thanks for your comment Julie.
      I'm not the only person I know either...its sad, but I think a few factors are to blame. :(

      Thanks for your feedback - I love trying new things, but sometimes its helpful to know if your going in the right direction...

      Hope all is well with you, Niki x

  2. I think they are totally adorable, especially the second one, I love the colours and the style.

    1. Thanks for your comment Lululiz - I appreciate your opinion. Hope to make more and test the market at a vintage fair soon.

  3. I think you are doing a fabulous job with remaking those sweaters! You are definitely giving them a fresh, new look! Lovely!


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