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Friday, 22 January 2016

Fairy Findings

I do love my collection of antique French fabric covered boxes and had been using them to store many of my crafts supplies in my workroom....
Over the years, as things have been added to the contents from my frequent visits to flea markets and vintage fairs, it has become a little difficult to work with them, having to remember what's stored inside each and often pieces got overlooked when I'd forgotten what I had. 
So time for some changes and this week I decided to implement them...

Up in the tree tops in my garden studio, those nice removal men had very kindly carried my very heavy old shop's counter to it's new home. (It was asking a lot at the time and I have to say the guys from Pickfords were fantastic.)
It has become the perfect place to store all of my fairy-making supplies. The graduated drawers make it easy to see inside and with everything sorted into groups for simpler selection, I should be able to work a little bit quicker... 

Ribbonwork flowers and butterflies and birds.

Large millinery flowers...
Small millinery flowers...
and items suitable for fairy wings.
Glass chandelier crystals and...
beautiful flower stamens. 

Ostrich and marabou feather trims



Satin and silk ribbons
Velvet ribbons and ricrac
Braids and bobble trims

A tray of treasures (my favourites)...
including motifs and beadwork...
And special woven/embroidered ribbons and passementerie trims. 
Assorted lace lengths in another. 
Miscellaneous findings.
Glitter, tinsel and Christmas decorations
Glass baubles and bells.
A mishmash of short lengths; lace, braid and ribbons.
On top of the cabinet is overspill...
Including a suitcase filled with scrappy lace. 

I'm fairly tidy elsewhere too and ready for some serious crafting :) 
Today I started work again and have produced...

A little fairy pupa named Silky Ringlet (erebia gorge) after the butterfly of that name. 

And one of my medium sized rag dolls dressed in a patchwork of colourful vintage fabrics. 
She is called Madeleine. 
Both have been added to my etsy store today. 
Thank you to all who have welcomed me on Instagram...I'm getting used to it and am finding it a lovely place to be :)
Have a perfect weekend,
Niki x


  1. Wow - how DO you keep it all sorted - what a lovely stash to play with :)

  2. That is one awesome collection of inspiration you have at your fingertips there!

  3. Oooooooooh, can I come and play in your craft room.......?
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Thank you ladies - Hoping to get back in there this week to play!

  5. Hi Niki,pictures galore! what a wonderful studio you have and it must be lovely to have all your beautiful pieces on display and it wil make life much easier when you are creating or should i say 'away with the fairies' ? ;) xxx

  6. Wow, what a gorgeous collection and storage ideas. You must have such fun playing with all these bits and pieces!

  7. That is a beautiful studio/work place. Look forward to seeing your latest creations here ~ Lizzie xx


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