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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Embracing Change...

The perfect fabric arrived for me in the post this week...
3 unused yards of c1940's Sanderson, still with its original swing tag attached. 
A classic floral design, in the typical colour palette so popular at the time...
Finally to be put to use and made up into very simple unlined cottage curtains for one of the little windows in our kitchen. 
Ta Da! 

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have decided to give Intragram a go to promote my etsy store...I've been working on a new collection of fairies this week, trying to create them in a different way to the many fairy makers out there now! (To be listed in the next day or so...)
Hubby has given me his old mobile phone (something that this technophobe is still getting used to) and I've signed up on-line...
I’ve discovered a whole world there that I knew very little about!...So many people sharing their lives and creativity...
Less people seem to be using Blogger than when I started out back in 2006! - Probably because of the time it takes to create a post - Instagram keeps things simple, so it is a quicker way to share, network and interact. I'll keep my blog for now until I know instagram works for me (Tried Facebook, hated it and deleted it within a year!) 
If you'd like to visit my instagram page, I can be found here.
Thanks for those who do visit my blog - I appreciate you stopping-by,
Niki x


  1. Wow! those curtains are beautiful. Love the pattern and colours
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. And I enjoy stopping by your little blog home here! I haven't moved into the smart phone era yet myself! Such a dinosaur I am! :)

    1. I do appreciate your visits here Willow...but I think you are one of only a few these days...there's so many who have moved-on now, I need to consider how best to spend my time...I'm a dinosaur too, but not ready to be extinct! ;-)) N x

  3. Oh, what a nice fabric!
    I join to people who don't use smartphones :) It is much more cozy here, on blogger

  4. Oh your curtains do look wonderful Niki,it was lovely to see you on Instagram but i do love visiting your blog too as the pictures are bigger here and i can peek and ooh and ahh at every detail but it does take time as you say and once your garden starts to green up there won't be much of that ;) i am in love with your cottage print,so very dreamy,have a lovely day xxx

  5. Me too, there is moss growing on my back... But I have an Iphone :-O. Somehow Instagram does not 'speak' to me in the same way than Blogger and I agree also with the picture size being an argument. But I do believe it is much quicker to use and to communicate with. Love your curtains and the details of those windows and that window seat!

  6. Thank you ladies - You are all so kind and supportive...
    I think since moving house I am keen to keep in touch with some of my old friends...Most have abandoned Blogger now and I sometimes feel I am talking to myself here...there does seem to be a lot more interaction on instagram...Quick to comment and post - which is useful when time is needed for crafting and listing stock on-line. I would miss my blog though, having kept one (and at one stage, two) going since 2006...
    You can follow instagram on a laptop/PC and enlarge the pics the same as with Blogger...just a thought?


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