This is my secondary blog and is designed as an archive of my handmade creations, past and present. I also add dates of fairs I'm attending, where I offer for sale my handmade pieces and also carefully sourced vintage goods. I hope you will enjoy taking a look, Niki x

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Pastures New...

Having moved from The Stone House some months ago, I feel it is time I moved-on from my space here too...
I am looking to spend more time in my new treetop garden studio creating my one-off creations and keepsakes. 
I shall make occasional updates to my new blog

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Thank you to all who have visited here over the years - I am very grateful for your support and friendship.
Niki x


  1. I will join you if I may........?
    Julie xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Julie - You have been one of my main supporters - I thank you very much for that. Please do visit my new blog if you feel inclined :) You will always be welcome, N x

  2. I'm coming too Niki if that's ok? Krissie xxx

    1. Hi Krissie,
      Thank you for your regular visits here and your kindness - I appreciate our little email chats too :) Niki x

  3. Me too please Niki, Lynne xx

    1. Thank you kind ladies! Willow, Mary and Popsy - I wanted to have some kind of Blogger presence still, but may not be able to update quite so regularly, but will also post on instagram too. Thanks for your support, Niki x


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