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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Doe, A Deer

I have been searching on-line for images of the beautiful dance performances of the Royal Ballet and their interpretations of the Beatrix Potter stories. I love the poses of the dancers, frozen in time and the costume designs are wonderful. 
This inspiration has helped me in creating these two ladies. Two little deer fairy dolls in ballet poses, larger in size to the fairy folk currently listed in my etsy shop. 
This is Fallow - She is dressed in antique lace and trims and I used the stained lining from an old beaded bag for her bodice, to give an aged effect to the finished doll. 

This is Dancer. She is dressed in hand embroidered crepe, salvaged from a c1920's bedspread. All the other fabrics and additions have a lot of age to them, as I was keen for these girls to have an antique style. 

They will stand if supported slightly, or they will hang from a thread loop. I shall be listing these in my etsy shop soon.

I've also been making over this little jewellery box charity shop buy. I stripped out all of the inside hooks and trays and then gave it a couple of coats of paint.

The inside was lined in a selection of papers. 
I'd like to make a fairy doll the right size to fit inside for display. 

Have a great day,
Niki x


  1. I saw the Beatrix Potter ballet film when it first came out, I was quite impressed even at about 14years old. Love your little deer fairy dolls. Love the little cupboard too
    Julie xxxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for your kind remarks girls! Have enjoyed making these and looking to develop them further :) N x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you K - hoping they are the way forward...N x

  4. Your dancers are so beautiful! And that box/dresser is so gorgeous, great make-over.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment Wen :)

  5. Oh WOW ! Your dancing Deer are SO SWEET. Adorable and unique.


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