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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Sitting Pretty...

I picked up an old armchair from my local recycling centre last week...It had potential, as I knew I'd be able to change the original grotty green chenille upholstery! I began its makeover by painting the wooden chair frame black...
Then with sewing machine and staple gun poised at the ready, the fun bit of covering each section with some lovely vintage floral fabrics could begin...
Here she is complete and sitting pretty in pink in the autumn sunshine of our conservatory.

She has several floral friends...most of these have had a makeover too...
In our previous home, they were all sat in our little garden summer house...
Here in the countryside, I felt they needed to grow-up and do away with their overly bright summer floral finery...I've toned-down the seat covers for a calmer palette provided by an assortment of lovely vintage Sanderson linens. 
The perfect place to relax and consider the next makeover projects! 
Niki x
Still sorting stock for Frome too! ;-))


  1. Great makeover on that chair! I love your sitting area. I would love to be able to curl up there to watch the changing weather while being so cozy inside.

    1. Thanks Willow...its a great spot for watching the little birds on our bird feeders...I can while-away hours! Niki x


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