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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Upcycled Brooches

A recent purchase was this c1950's hat covered in turquoise and silver-grey flowers - Not something anyone is likely to wear these days - condition not great and of a small size, so I decided to reuse the flowers.
They had been glued onto a mesh base, so I had to carefully pull them apart one-by-one trying hard to keep them intact.
I ended up with quite a few and decided to make them into flower brooch corsages and hair clips. 
I love how they are squished and crumpled, as only vintage flowers can be...
I simply added brooch bars to the back of some...

And hair pins to the back of others. 
(One for me!)
I then moved onto some odd pieces of Victorian wooden jig-saw puzzle that I had.
The pictures were very pretty, so I thought they'd make cute brooches too.
I added scraps of antique lace and fabric tags to the backs of them, along with a metal brooch bar.

Perfect little stocking-fillers for those who like something a bit different!
Niki x


  1. What beautiful colours, on those flowers - love 'em!! Chris x

    1. Thanks Chris...I love the colours too...That's why I decided I needed to keep one! ;-)
      Have a lovely day, Niki x

  2. Love the colors in the flowers! What a clever idea and use for those old puzzle pieces! Perfect for those who are fans of puzzles!

    1. Thanks for your visit again Willow - Couldn't think what else to do with a few odd puzzle pieces, so hope these will prove popular...
      Enjoy your day, Niki x

  3. Love those brooches
    Julie xxxxxxx


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