This is my secondary blog and is designed as an archive of my handmade creations, past and present. I also add dates of fairs I'm attending, where I offer for sale my handmade pieces and also carefully sourced vintage goods. I hope you will enjoy taking a look, Niki x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


After re-framing the vintage anemone print above (which was damaged so needed to be placed in a smaller frame), I was left with the original large black frame...
I thought I might try putting an antique baby dress inside it instead...
I covered the back board in a pretty vintage rose wallpaper and then sandwiched the dress between it and the glass.
A lovely item to display in a nursery.
A one minute make-over was to add a genuine Victorian paper scrap to the lid of this plain wooden stamp box.
One of my handmade bags took a little longer to create...
For this latest one I used a rosebud printed cotton, inside and out.
A vintage button completes it.
Niki x