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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Garden Studio Reorganisation Continued...

The ugly (but practical) metal and chipboard shelves that house all of my vintage fabrics up in my work studio, needed a little reorganisation...

I trimmed the front edges of the shelves with some fabric ruffles and lace to disguise the frames a little.
And I've tried to organise all of my floral fabrics to colour as far as possible. 

(photos from my Instagram page)
French checks and tickings here...
And the old shop counter cigar display cabinet, safely stores away all of my tiniest scraps of preciousness...(a good promotion from cigars to fabric loveliness, I think? ;-))

French linen sheets and lace panels to the left and hand embroidered linens to the right.
Cutter quilts above and vintage velvets below them.
And heaps of soft woollen Fairisles.  
Smaller pieces of lace here, with two little Victorian dolls patiently awaiting their fabricy makeovers. 

I'm allowing any of this lot piled on my workbench to go (takes deep breaths and tells self it's not good to hoard too much!) - To be sold-off to a textile dealer friend of mine if she's in need of any of it (will find out at the end of the week)...The rest will be for sale on my stall at the South Molton Flea Market on Feb 14th. 
All shipshape at last, with my most favouritest fabrics safely stowed away ready to use in their next incarnation...I'm just waiting for inspiration to hit now...
Meanwhile, a colourful gaggle of fairy folk in my etsy store are eagerly awaiting adoption.
Enjoy the rest of your week,
Niki x


  1. Oooh what gorgeous fabrics
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Gosh Niki you have been a busy bee! it all looks so wonderful,what a treasure trove of floral goodness...the cigar counter storage is wonderful and i love that you have your shop sign hanging in the window,it's all so lovely x

    1. Thanks K - It's all in the detail ;-)) - I knew you'd notice :) N x

  3. How could you not walk into that room and not be inspired? Pretty!

    And those fairy folk appear to be dancing and partying pretty wildly there! Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care! ;) They are so cute!


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